Buying Gold In India

Published on 2018-05-29


Buying gold in India is much simpler as you can imagine. As you may know, in India, Gold is almost as treasured as money. Gold in India is used in their culture, Weddings, or even everyday beauty and fashion. The karats we are talking about here are not just 18 karat Gold, it is in fact 22 karats fine gold. In India, the workmanship that goes into the creation of such jewellery is immense thus increases the price per piece of Jewellery.

What is gold in India used for?

In India, gold is primarily used to make lavish jewellery. Most jewellery is normally handcrafted in India itself. Items such as Gold necklaces, Gold chains, Gold rings and so on.

What type of gold is there in India?

The type and value of gold come from its own purity and measured in karats (ct or ks). It's most often found in the following forms:

24K gold - is the purest form of gold in India or around the world. Essentially, it's 99.95% pure (99.99% pure gold is challenging to find these days). Buying gold in India for investment purposes, we suggest buying the purest form, 24k.

22K gold - This form is used to make most jewellery in India as it is not the purest but it is the most stable to handcraft, Its purity is of 91.67% pure gold. The mixture if of 22 parts gold and another two parts of metal in order to give it more strength). Other metals can be the mixture of silver, zinc, nickel, and other alloys. This type of gold is often used to make plan rings, plain neckless, but not jewellery where diamonds are used in conjunction.

18K gold - This is gold with just 75% pure gold (18 parts gold with a combination not limited to, six parts of other metals). It is less expensive than 24 or 22 karat gold and is noticeably lighter in colour. These type of gold is used for specially designed jewellery for weddings.

14 K gold - This is Gold with just 58% pure gold (with 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals). This purity of gold is more popular in other countries other than India. It is very durable and used for many applications. Mostly for everyday jewellery.

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