Cash For Gold In India

Published on 2018-05-30


Cash for gold in India can be found in many areas, cities in India. There are many cities in India, with around 300 cities have a population of over 1,00,000. Those seven of which cities have a population of more than 3 million. The seven main cities are usually the safest and competitive places to conduct gold transactions and the prices in these cities may fluctuate in your favour amongst these cities.
Cash for gold in India, at Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala and Ahmedabad.

How to Sell Gold for Cash in India

Selling gold for cash in India is the most frequent transaction taking place as we speak. It allows people to release their cash from gold, giving them a boost in their cash position in order to purchase a specific item or help them going forward.

Step by Step Guide to Sell Gold for Cash

  1. Always transact cash for gold with a bill or an Invoice and deal with compliant vendors only.
  2. Shop around and get quotes of the value of your gold you want cash from. You must always get an average price. This way you will be certain you are getting the market value/price using this cash for gold option.
  3. Check the purity of your Gold, check the hallmark and always check that you have all the documentation that will help you sell your gold for cash. Certain sellers may ask for the original documentation of your gold, so best to always retain as many documents as you can.
  4. Always have a confirm written final price for your gold and if you need the cash straight away, don't delay in going ahead as gold prices change within a second. Vendors carry out certain acid tests and other tests that may be executed again if you return back after thinking about it overnight, so act fast if you are happy.
  5. If you can, it is always advisable and better to sell your gold for cash to the gold dealer you had originally purchase the gold from.

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